Q-Park launches PaSS

A parking innovation combining ANPR technology and digital payment solutions.

Q-Park have taken parking safety and convenience to another level with the development of PaSS (Parking as a Smart Service), a new digital parking solution.

Evolving technology has always played a large part in the parking industry and has enabled Q-Park to continually expand payment options, initially introducing cashless parking and then more recently ticketless parking. PaSS takes this a step further. This new Q-Park innovation is a combination of ANPR parking technology and PlatePay, a digital payment solution. Q-Park creates a seamless customer journey by allowing both access to the car park and taking payment for parking simultaneously. This all takes place by reading the number plate of a vehicle. Use of a debit/credit card while you are at the parking facility is no longer required.

By combining ANPR technology, digital payment solutions and Q-Park’s Back Office Calculation (BOC) module, we can now integrate the Product Management System (PMS) at access and exit points. This integration leads to a fair, transparent and seamless parking experience.

PaSS offers solutions for:

  • Customers who park by providing them with a seamless parking experience
  • Partner platforms serving large customer groups
  • Sales channels providing pre-booking services


PaSS is a value-adding innovation which includes:

  • Integration with mobility providers
  • Convenient internal and external back-office integration with Q-Park’s business partners
  • Opportunities to optimise parking capacity, enhance service levels and target specific customer groups


Q-Park customers now have access to masses of information and are digitally connected to all aspects of their life. Understanding this about our customers created an opportunity to grow the Q-Park business and innovate for the future. Using this information, we considered how to:

  • Use innovation to simplify the parking experience
  • Connect sales and service channels that are utilised by our customers
  • Adapt the offering for businesses who wish to provide parking as part of their service such as hotels and event venues and making sure it integrates with their systems


These questions lead us to the creation of PaSS. The new system is a value adding innovation and will play a part in all aspects of the Q-Park business. Initially, PaSS will be implemented to improve pre-booking, requiring customers to enter their vehicle registration as part of the booking process. PaSS is currently live for pre-booking at Liverpool ONE, Piccadilly Place, Mailbox, Brindleyplace and The Light Q-Park parking facilities. This new system will continue to be implemented at further locations in 2021 and beyond.

Following the successful integration of PaSS with pre-booking, Q-Park will implement this innovative system as part of the Season Ticket offering and eventually as an option for all our customers. The overall aim of PaSS is to further enhance the convenience, transparency and seamlessness of the parking experience whilst developing Q-Park’s partnerships and creating new opportunities for the business. 

Adam Bidder, Managing Director of Q-Park commented “Q-Park are constantly looking for ways to improve parking for our customers. We are delighted to be able to implement this new technology which will provide our customers with quick access when visiting Q-Park parking facilities and helps create a fair and transparent parking experience. Following our roll out of the Tap & Go parking system in 2016, PaSS is our next technological development that will see Q-Park continue to lead the parking industry in 2020 and beyond.”

PaSS and PlatePay have been successfully utilised by Q-Park parking facilities in Belgium and selected locations in Netherlands and France.


About Q-Park

Q-Park is one of the three leading providers of parking facilities in West Europe, whether wholly-owned, leased, managed or in a hybrid business model.  Q-Park is notable for its quality approach and has a portfolio comprising over 547,000 parking spaces in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK, France, Ireland and Denmark.

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