Annual CSR Report 2023 published

Q-Park published its annual CSR Report 2023 today. We report on our social engagement, environmental impact and our contribution to helping achieve the UN SDGs relevant to our business.

Q-Park published its annual CSR Report 2023 today. We report on our social engagement, environmental impact and our contribution to helping achieve the UN SDGs relevant to our business.

This year’s report is structured around our CSR Strategic Framework including a double materiality analysis from which we have defined our key sustainability matters, our ambition and three focus areas. This framework also supports our process to being CSRD compliant over our Annual Report 2025.

Contributing to the energy & mobility transition

We offer cities sustainable mobility solutions which include transforming search traffic to destination traffic and is enhanced with:

  • 506 parking facilities offering online pre-booking (2022: 476), an increase of 6%;
  • 225 parking facilities near public transport hubs (2022: 220) an increase of 2%.


Part of our liveability perspective is reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint. Our carbon footprint per parking space in our operated parking facilities is lower compared to 2022.

  • In 2023, we calculated the average kgCO2 per parking space to be 45.4 (2022: 48.3).
  • Since we started measuring our emissions in 2010, we have already achieved a 75% reduction in our carbon footprint per parking space.


For us at Q-Park, the mobility transition means supporting the electrification of the car fleet in western Europe by significantly increasing the number of EV charging points (EV CPs) installed in our parking facilities. We have invested significantly to expand our EV charging offering, resulting in:

  • 4,114 EV CPs (2022: 2,831), an increase of 45%;
  • 283 PFs offering EV charging (2022: 235), an increase of 20%.


The total energy consumed in our operated parking facilities amounted to 88.4 GWh compared to 95.8 GWh in 2022, a decrease of 8%.

About Q-Park

Q-Park is one of the three leading providers of parking facilities in West Europe, whether wholly owned, leased, managed or in a hybrid business model.  Q-Park is notable for its quality approach and has a portfolio comprising over 677,000 parking spaces in over 3,400 parking facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Ireland, and Denmark. Q-Park has numerous mobility hubs which provide access to a variety of mobility solutions. We house and support a range of activities from last mile logistics, fleet charging hubs, micromobility and car sharing services which help support urban accessibility, sustainability and liveability.

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